Ah aaaw
Ei Mzvee
-A d Burniton

Shiga chikin
Shiga chikin
Shiga chikin

Dem nuh bad
None a dem gyal deh no bad
If dem a no you dem no bad
No no

Dem no bad
If dem dem no be you
Dem no bad
no matter what dem do
them no bad no no


Just come over
Just come over
Mi have a thing
Way go turn you
On so baby come over
Just come over just come over

Similar mi and you we similar
You fit me and I fit you
So come over make we roll up
Inna one rizzler
Wicked body gyal like hitler
Me a d addict you a di dealer
You a me patience me a d healer
A no pappy a no joey bee
Me a d realer
Kinsankoomi you get the filla
The rest of the gyal dem a cheater
Dem a run after man like a cheetah
But a you say a stonebwoy you love him a your Jesus
You nuh follow after Peter

buck inna me empire
Make me salute you
You a mi sir
Boy you save me
Oo come spark up mi fire
A wah do dem
Dem a follow after me
I can’t give dem
Stonebwoy talk to them
I belong to you not then
The rest if the boys dem a cheater
Dem run after boy like a cheater
But a mi say a stonebwoy mi love
Him a me Jesus
Mi nuh follow after Peter

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