Gena West is an award-winning singer/songwriter who performed at The Olympic Games, at very high-profile events around the world and even for The Queen of England! A UK qualified Barrister, she has sat on the board of various companies, is a successful motivational coach, specializing in organizational and personal change.

Gena believes in the gift of giving and is driven by her passion for encouraging and empowering others; whether by helping children grow in confidence through her performing arts school, Stage 2 Stage; as a mentor and judge on popular music reality TV show “Vodafone Icons”; or by helping women develop a more positive self-image through her dynamic core Pilates classes! With her cutting-edge, aspirational, television talk show, “A Different View with Gena West”, Gena’s aim is to give a more positive view of Africa and Africans to the world at large.


Why you should listen to her talk?

Don’t talk the talk, walk the walk, move from chapter to chapter in your life. I believe we cannot rely on yesterday’s success, but need to keep pressing onwards and upwards. What is the “next chapter” for us as Africans? It has to start with us looking within ourselves, pulling on our own unique strengths, whilst recognising and learning from our mistakes, moving forward without wallowing in the past. Our children are our future, so we need to sow into them the positives attributes that will help us reap continual growth on our continent Africa. #FABA, For Africa, By Africans!

Quote from Gena West: “Your success is not dependent on anyone else’s failure. Keep running your race!”

Gena on Social Media:

Facebook: Gena West

Twitter: @genawestmusic



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