Sandwich and burger lovers can look forward to an exciting eating experience in the coming days as Wichburger comes to town.

Located next to Eddy’s Pizza in Weija, Accra, Wichburger stocks the best American burgers and sandwiches, offering a wide assortment for a delicious experience.

475 x 300 piz

Set for an official launch on February 13, Wichburger has in stock mouthwatering Burgers, Sumptuous Sandwiches, Wild Wraps, great Grill Chicken with fried rice or jollof, steamed rice and beef stew, and finger-licking desserts.

Ghana can finally experience what real American burgers and sandwiches taste like when Wichburger opens its doors to the general public.

The facility’s handlers have promised an above par customer service delivery as well as on-site consumer satisfaction.

For more information: 0267 769 796, 0244 787845

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