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Good morning and welcome to the launch of the SLEEK AMBASSADOR PROJECT, an initiative from LIPP Global.

LIPP is an acronym for Ladies in Prestige and Purpose. LIPP is a movement that is aimed at igniting a spirit of self-help among Ghanaians with an initial focus on the Young Ghanaian.

Myself and some friends have come to realize that the average Ghanaian youth hardly steps up to be counted predominantly because of our culture and upbringing. Growing up you dare not speak your mind because age was associated with wisdom so who are you to voice out your dream much more have the confidence to begin to leave your dream

We are a patient people who wait to be discovered, like I was discovered, but of course there are just that many platforms to discover everybody.

Kate, seated first from right. Next to her is MD, Founder of LIPP, Rebecca Donkor
Kate, seated first from right. Next to her is MD, Founder of LIPP, Rebecca Donkor

As young female adults we interact with a lot of young persons who wished they had been a bit more proactive in taking that step of faith to living their dream but didn’t predominantly because they could not challenge the status quo.

LIPP is an initiative to help young adult females challenge the Status Quo and become who they want to be

LIPP aims to generate a groundswell of liberated young ladies who will be at the forefront of the campaign to ignite the passions of self-help among young Ghanaian females irrespective of their circumstances in life.

The initiative is to get young female adults to identify their calling in life early and take concrete steps to start the journey early in life so they can rise to their full potential.

The Sleek Ambassador Project is one of the initiatives by LIPP to give legs to the initiative on the ground in addition to serving as a pivot for PR and Marketing Communications activities of sponsor’s brands in Ghana.

The main objective of the SLEEK AMBASSADOR is to facilitate an enabling environment for young female adults to ignite their passions in life by exposing them to the various occupational/career opportunities available and also inculcating in them the practice of combining commercial activities with their academic pursuits to start them on their journey in life.

The SLEEK AMBASSADOR project is aimed at unveiling two unique ambassadors, a  “face” that will be representing  LIPP and that will champion the aspirations of the LIPP initiative and also get to live their dream of  an international modeling career.

A “ hand” that will be making up the “face”  and getting exposure for the work done and training from the Title Sponsors SLEEK Cosmetics plus support to rise to the top of their career

Winner (The Face)

Runners Up

WINNER (The Hand)

Programme Format


Two auditions will be held to select finalists for the two aspects of the project.

Eight participants will be selected from each audition making sixteen to compete at the finals for the ultimate prize .of the face that will work with the LIPP secretariat for a year and also benefit from an international modeling career

Four participants will be selected at each of the two auditions with eight finalists competing for the ultimate winner who will benefit from support from SLEEK, the title sponsor in their make-up career

The Final

The Final will be a night of high fashion, glitz and glamour laced with adequate doses of entertainment.


The main project of the Face will be to live by example and work at creating the enabling environment for young female adults to identify their talents and their dreams and ignite their passions for them to start the journey on living their dreams.

The Face, alongside her modeling career will consequently work for one year at getting various trade associations, corporate bodies and professional bodies to interact with targeted students to give them the necessary exposure to these occupations to help in career identifications and choice

The Face and will also work on charitable health and educational outreach projects to give back to society and impact society positively.

We are thank our sponsors both confirmed and potential for the support they are giving us to give light to this initiative, we appreciate the difficult economic times and are therefore very grateful for their support.

Specifically, we will want to say thank you to:

SLEEK, our title sponsor

La Palm our Hotel Partner

Africa  World airlines ( our airline sponsor)

Our Designers, Nallem , PKOG, Chocolate, lifestyle hamattan , Kash boutique

And our media partners tv3, starr fm and CampusBaseTv

Contestant forms are available from today at all Sleek offices in both Accra and Kumasi.

University of Ghana, Legon. KNUST, Kumasi. Shinnels, Osu.

You can also visit us on facebook/sleek ambassador instagram and Twitter for more information

Thank you all for coming and we look forward to meeting again for a successful final event.

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