Viasat1 is set to air yet another emotionally-charged and suspense-filled telenovela, AURORA.

It is the beautiful love story about a young woman who wakes up after 20 years of being cryogenized – frozen – and realizes that everything has changed.

Viasat1 will air the serial Monday through Friday over 26 weeks, taking over the 3 p.m. belt from Passion, which ends Monday.

Set in New York City, the story begins in 1990 with a 20-year-old dancer named Aurora Ponce de León. She attends New York School of the Arts with her two best friends, Natalia Suárez and Vanessa Miller. One night after a dance rehearsal, they all go to a bar, where Aurora meets Lorenzo Lobos, a dance instructor and single father. Aurora runs after Lorenzo and declares her love for him, but doesn’t work and Lorenzo wants nothing more to do with Aurora.

Aurora returns home heartbroken and after an argument with her father, Gustavo, she faints. Gustavo takes her to his cryogenic clinic to run tests. It is discovered that Aurora is pregnant with Lorenzo’s baby. Her father refuses to tell Lorenzo about the pregnancy and sends her as far away from him as possible.

A few months pass and Aurora tries to run away and return to Lorenzo, but she falls and goes into labour. She gives birth to a girl, who she names Blanca. Aurora becomes very ill and on her deathbed, calls Lorenzo, and says to him with her dying breath, “I will always love you.” Lorenzo hears a flat line and all the commotion, and Gustavo decides to freeze Aurora in a cryogenic capsule.

Aurora wakes up after 20 years, only to discover that Lorenzo is married to Natalia. Blanca doesn’t know that Aurora is her mother, because she was raised by her actual grandparents who told her that her mother was her sister. Aurora plays along with it and keeps her real identity a secret. However, after Lorenzo’s son Martin falls in love with Aurora, all the secrets starts coming out. Nothing remains the same.

Telenovela fans should not miss an episode of this Spanish telenovela produced by Telemundo, starring known faces: Sara Maldonado (Storm Over Paradise), Eugenio Siller (Maid in Manhattan), and Jorge Luis Pila (Catalina & Sebastian) as the protagonists. Viewers are also assured of daily updates on the Viasat 1 Telenovela Facebook page.




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