Embattled broadcaster, Kwesi Kyei Dakwah (KKD), who is in police custody for an alleged rape offence, is to return to court on January 14, in the case in which his lawyers are seeking for bail for him from the Human Rights Court.

The hearing for a bail application was today adjourned after the presiding judge, Justice Essel Mensah, ruled that because the prosecutor argued he received the bail application from KKD’s lawyers late Tuesday evening, it made sense to adjourn it.

It comes just a day before the substantive case is heard.

Below, full text of the rape charge brought against him at the district court during the first sitting on December 30.

[quote_center]“The complainant is a 19-year-old student residing with her parents at Katamanso.

The accused, Kwesi Kyei Darkwah is a broadcaster and resides at Tema.

On December 27, 2014 at about 7:30 pm, there was an event called ‘RIP the RUNWAY fashion show organised at the African Regent Hotel, which the complainant attended together with her cousin.

When they arrived at the show, they met the accused person in front of the hotel after pleasantries and attractions. They walked into the lobby where the accused introduced them to his cousin who was also at the show.

The complainant and her cousin took few pictures with the accused person, his cousin and other men. Accused, who admired the height of the complainant asked her and her cousin to accompany them to the hotel room to powder his face before the show because he will be on stage and he will be captured by TV camera.

The complainant and accused took one of the lifts to the third floor of the hotel and went into the room together with her cousin and the accused’s cousin.

[quote_center]They were offered drinks, but they refused and sat down. While there, the accused called the complainant to come and help him do make up in the washroom. The complainant obliged and entered the washroom leaving the two in the living room.
The Accused forcibly had sex with the complainant in the washroom. A report was made to the police and a medical report was issued to the complainant to attend hospital. When the Accused was arrested, he denied the offence and stated that the complainant gave her consent and that he did not force her. He is, however, charged with the offence before this court.”[/quote_center]

Rape is a non-bailable offence in Ghana. Section 97 of the Criminal Offence Act (COA) categorizes rape as a first degree felony punishable by law. It is backed by Section 98, which defines rape as carnal knowledge of a female of not less than sixteen years without her consent.

He faces up to between 5 to 25 years in jail if found guilty.

By: Abena Akyaa Hirsch/enewsgh.com

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