You can call it the big show off!

One never to show off at the least opportunity, Businessman, Kenpong, is living life the way persons his stature do.

From that car you dream of getting to that one the dude next door used as a bait to get your girl, he stocks them all.

Check out his toys. It’s Kenpong – so he had to put some ‘K’ in it.

KP1 KP2 KP3 KP4 KP5 KP6 KP7 KP8 KP10 KP11 KP12 KP13 KP14 KP15 KP16 KP17 KP18 KP19 KP20 KP21 KP22 KP23 KP24 KP25 KP27 KP28 KP29 KP30 KP31 KP KP32

Photos Credit: William Marcella


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