“Look at me….what do you think? Of course, I am not a lesbian.

“Lesbianism is against my religious beliefs, it’s against my cultural norms and I think it was very mischievous for people to insinuate such about someone they hardly knew.

“…was started by a notorious website in Ghana last year when they reported that they had never seen me with a man… In their warped and twisted calculation, I was thus a lesbian. Can you imagine such crass reasoning?

“That they had not seen me with a man, and may have seen me with my girlfriends going out to have fun, and then automatically I was a lesbian. It was a hatchet job – an attempt to discredit me, but they all failed. I am heterosexual and would remain one till the end.

“When you are in the public light as I have been blessed and privileged to being, your life becomes a public property and some mischievous people will say all manner of things about you. It comes with the territory, so I forgive them.”

Quotes from an interview she granted Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper

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