Winneba will this weekend come alive with a lot of exciting cultural activities as part of an event dubbed, Nobles No.1 Masqueraders Centenary.
The Nobles No.1 Masqueraders Centenary is a celebration of culture, education and community development through carnival parades and other exciting cultural activities.
It will take place at Liberation Square, Winneba on Saturday December 27 with activities including carnival procession, speeches, street performances, and performances by grassroots musicians.
There will also be the selection of a winner, who will perform at the 2015 London Nottinghill Carnival and activities for children.
The celebration is being organized by Mas Africa with the objective of advancing the arts, culture, and heritage of carnival in Ghana. It will also promote peace and education of the public in the subject of the arts including, arts festivals, music, dance, theatre and literature.
“There is empirical evidence that the creative industries are among the most dynamic emerging sectors in world trade. It also shows that the interface amongst the creativity, culture, economics and technology, as expressed in the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital, has the potential to generate income, jobs and export earnings while at the same time contributing to social inclusion, cultural diversity, sustainability, capacity building and human development,” Ms Joycelyn Nugent, Director of Mas Africa, explained the significance of the celebration.
“It is not easy to comprehend the scope of carnival. To many it’s a street party. Nothing wrong with that; but it significantly underestimates the inspiration, education, community development etc, that it has to offer,” she added.


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