For the next three months, DStv audiences will be treated to some truly South African content as M-Net will be testing the Mzansi Bioskop (DStv channel 164) channel further into the continent.

The channel which has been available to Southern African audiences is available on the DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact bouquets until 8 March 2015.

‘Mzansi’ is South African local slang for ‘South’ and Mzansi Bioskop will be bringing a taste of locally produced South African content. As the home of original African storytelling, the channel will give viewers within the continent a mix of comedy, drama and suspense Mzansi-style 24 hours a day.  Its programs reflect the day to day reality of South Africans from various walks of life.

M-Net Africa Regional Director (West) Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu says: “We all want to see stories that reflect our lives, how we live and who we are as Africans in our different territories. Mzansi Bioskop will give our subscribers access to these authentic stories that give glimpse into the different yet similar experiences and dreams that bring us all together as Africa,” says Mba-Uzoukwu.

“With M-Net showcasing this channels which is produced in South Africa by South Africans to the rest of the continent, we are further demonstrating our growing investment in local productions as well as the enormous contribution this is making to the success of emerging film makers,” she says.

Some of the fascinating programs that viewers can look forward to include:

Some Exciting Things To Look Forward To On Mzansi Bioskop This Week


Lokshin Bioskop: Surprise!! at 4:00PM GMT

A young woman fears that time is not on her side and with a yearning for the stability of family, marriage and love; she desperately tries to keep and nurture a loveless relationship. Will she ever find the love she deserves?

Lokshin Bioskop: Bring Aya Home at 5:30PM GMT

Ayanda is married woman who’s determined to climb the corporate ladder and with a supportive husband by her side, the future is looking very bright. But she’s unaware that her ancestors are unhappy for not returning home since the passing of her parents. Her aunt wants to perform an ancestral cleansing ceremony for her, but Ayanda doesn’t want anything to do with her culture. Then her daughter falls ill suddenly and doctors cannot seem to figure out what’s wrong with her. Will Ayanda put aside her modern beliefs and help save her daughter’s life?

Lokshin Bioskop: Makoti at 7:00PM GMT

Sewela is a 24-year-old girl who dreams of studying at university and eventually settling down with a family of her own. But then her younger sister gets engaged first and Sewela starts to think she’s unlucky in love. When an aging woman asks her to marry her dead son to keep the family name alive, she jumps at the chance of happiness. But then the “dead” son shows up one day with his pregnant wife.


Lokshin Bioskop: Conversations With My Brother at 4:00PM GMT

A young man returns from prison to find his older brother living at his mother’s house with his wife and son. When his older brother is called to war and doesn’t return on time, he assumes his brother is dead, falling in love with his brother’s wife. But then his brother reappears suddenly and throws their lives into turmoil.

Lokshin Bioskop: Thabo Turbo T at 5:30PM GMT

A young hopeless newspaper vendor becomes a hero overnight after “saving” a woman. But just as he starts embracing this instant popularity a real robbery happens at her workplace. Will he step up as a hero or will he be exposed as a coward who had one fluke of luck?

Lokshin Bioskop: The Love Game at 7:00PM GMT

After meeting Fikile, the girl of his dreams, Menzi decides to change his appearance and personality in order to win her heart. His older and superficial brother, Eddy, sets about training Menzi in the ways of being a ‘man’. Menzi transforms from a dorky comic book illustrator into a slick hustler. When he confidently makes his move on Fikile, she turns him down. Menzi is devastated and he soon realises that he has to throw off his insecurities and be truthful about who he really is if he wants to stand a chance with Fikile.


Lokshin Bioskop: Our House at 4:00PM GMT

A young man is faced with a difficult decision when he has to choose between following his childhood dream and settling down with the love of his life.

Lokshin Bioskop: Please Say Please at 5:30PM GMT

Charlie Tabane is a self-assured IT expert on the brink of making it big. He moves next door to three beautiful sisters and finds himself falling for two of them. The sisters are also interested in him, but they want him for different reasons. Will Charlie follow his heart or will he listen to his mind? Starring Khanyi Mbau.

Lokshin Bioskop: Mashayashaya at 7:00PM GMT

A local tsotsi is disappointed when his criminal activities don’t bring in the money. To make matters worse, his sister was kicked out of school after failing to pay her tuition and residential fees. With cops breathing down his neck, Mashaya decides to pose as a sangoma and a prophet to make some quick cash. Will he get away with his scheme and help get his sister to continue with her studies?


Betrayal at 4:00PM GMT

A happily married couple faces a terrible tragedy when a group of thugs kill their only son. Things take a turn for the worse when they discover the truth about the killers.

April Fool at 5:00PM GMT

Two boys murder their friend during a binge drinking episode. Now they have a dilemma: they are trapped in the house with his dead body and need to get rid of it before the owner of the house comes back from work.

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