Ashlee Janelle Danso, Netherlands-based Ghanaian Fashion designer/stylist in this interview with talks what it means to train other young people in pursuit of their passion in fashion and styling.

Read transcript below.

Did you study to be a fashion designer?

A. At the age of 16, I studied Fashion Designer all rounder for 4 years. After my study I did a styling course at the Academy Vogue for 1 year. I studied 3 courses; Drawing & Painting, Photo styling and Fashion Styling.

How many years have you been a Fashion Designer/Stylist?

A. I was an assistant stylist for 4 years, and then progressed to being independent stylist for my own company since 2011.

Names of celebrity clients?

A. Nicole Bus (The Voice of Holland), DJ Henry X  and Alice France.

Names of events/shows/photo shoots that you’ve done  styling for?

A. I mostly work as a fashion stylist for fashion shows more than I do celebrity styling. I’ve been doing shows for Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Vogue Fashion Night Out Amsterdam and photoshoots for Grazia Magazine.

What was the intention behind starting Styled by YOU!?

A. Styled by YOU! is an innovative, colourful styling course where young creative people get the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of fashion and styling. I always knew I had the creativity and at the age of 16 I had the opportunity to become a fashion stylist. At that time I had to complete my fashion designer school before I could mature and start a fashion styling course. During school, I did not feel confident of the knowledge I had of styling that prompted me to look around for styling assistant jobs. From the beginning, I had people asking questions on what to do to get into the fashion world and since I love to inspire as well as help people, I started with the intention to connect creative people with each other to develop themselves with the view to inspire others.

How long has Styled By YOU! been in existence?

A. It was registered on the May 25, 2011 and has been growing strong for 3 years.

What’s the one thing that makes you different compared to other stylist?

A. I love what I do as a fashion stylist that’s why I develop and not strictly follow all the trends. I style all my clients to their specifications instead of styling them into what I like. Most of the time clients are dressed into what stylists like instead of the client wearing a style, which is unique to them.

Thoughts on the fashion style of Ghanaian celebrities?

A. African stylists influence my creativity and Ghanaian celebrities are a big part of that market. They are definitely growing when it comes to fashion. All though there is a great influence of Western styling yet there is a great deal of uniqueness about their fashion in their movies and music videos.

Who is your best-dressed Ghanaian celebrity and why?

A. Joey B will win my vote on best-dressed Ghanaian celebrities, because he is bringing something new on the table when it comes to the African scene.

Won any awards?

A. I won Black Magic Woman 2013of the year award.

What inspires working on a style for a client?

A. My inspiration is derived from styling a client itself. I love the challenge styling brings and the quality of appearance clients show before and after a session. Every client is an eye opener and gives me a different perspective or vision even though I have done it several times.

Last words?

A. The fashion world has a lot of creators and ideas but is still in need of professionals to bring out new styles. You don’t have to be a professional to invent an idea in the fashion world neither should you be a creator to have the best fashion invention. The creativity is in YOU! that is why all the fashion glamour is Styled by YOU! If you do require any assistance or knowledge about styling visit or

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