5 weeks! 5 markets! 25 contestants but only 5 women crowned Edwomhemaa of Accra’s top markets.

In November 2014, Wilmar Africa – owners of Frytol vegetable oil embarked on a 5 week campaign where they visited 5 major markets in Accra including: Kaneshie, Makola, Texpo, Katamanto and Madina.

Week-on-week the experience was exhilarating as crowds gathered; market men, women and children danced, celebrated, cried and endorsed Frytol oil.

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“The experience went beyond pushing the Frytol product, it was about relating to the people in the market, making them feel recognised and appreciated, making them part of something and most importantly delivering a sentimental experience that would never leave them” stated Lucy Adio, account manager for Wilmar Africa.

Winners for Frytol Edwomhemaa 2014 included:
Diana Agyemang of Madina market with 350 customers
Juana Tumfuor of Texpo market with 298 customers
Hajiah Adiza of Katamanto market with 234 customers
Patricia Kuokor Amon of Makola market – with 783 customers
Auntie Lizzy of Kaneshie market – with 220 customers
Well done to all participants!


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