When the two titans of African rap meet, it’s a beautiful thing. The beat suffers, people are entertained and lasting statements are made. Especially if the rappers involved are the irrepressible Sarkodie and the unparalleled, dual-representing X.O Senavoe, both of whom made the prestigious 2014 Lobatan Africa Top Ten Kings of Africa Hip Hop.

Produced by world-renowned producer Coptic for his third installment of “The Rising Stars of GH” albums, the lead single, “Real Niggaz”, is laced on a hard-hitting mélange of synths, speaker-bottoming bass and drums.

The instrumental’s heat is matched by their verses. Sarkodie delivers a clear distinction between what real and fakes do, rapping: “Real nigga no go claim hard on twitter, wey e go go wank on Skype” and “Fake niggas wey dey hate on boys, fake niggas be employed”.

Senavoe renders a light-hearted verse and focuses it on the real. “Real niggas keep you in check, real niggas cut you a check”. And also interlaces and slips in his verse entendres and metaphors here and there to remind you why he’s fast gaining renown as the continent’s new rap giant. “Forget rap, yenko (let’s talk) the real world, truth is I’ll body you too (two) – Siamese”.

Coptic Presents… The Rising Stars of GH Vol III album will be released on December 25th and in addition to X.O and Sarkodie, will have features from Kwaw Kese, Jayso, Edem, M.anifest, DBlack, Jon Germain, Young Noble (2Pac’s Outlawz) and Stonebwoy to mention a few stars. Album honcho Coptic says he does this because “I enjoy working with the various talented artists, bringing quality hiphop music to Ghana and the rest of Africa, and exposing local Hip Hop to the American hip hop fans.”


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