Technology giants, Samsung Electronics West Africa (SEWA) has introduced its first Samsung School education solution to the Al Rayaan International School, East-Legon.

The solution integrates an array of Samsung devices with interactive software to impart knowledge in students. Components of the Samsung School solution are Samsung-powered e-boards, server, Samsung tablets, wifi access point and wifi printer.

This solution is aimed at increasing student’s productivity through educational motivation tools, which increase their enthusiasm academically and performance. Tetteh Akornor , Products Manager at SEWA said, “Technology and innovation are at the core of the ever changing world of education”. “Academic success is top priority, and incorporating technology (of Samsung School) into academics better prepares students for the world outside school walls”. Tetteh added.

The Samsung School comes with a student control device, screen monitoring and lesson toolbar to help teachers monitor students’ activities, progress and maintain students’ attention during class.

Daniel Asante, a teacher at the Al Rayaan International School said “Course administration as well as content management features of the Samsung School keeps everything running smoothly in class and provides ready access to information”. In addition, Samsung School enhances collaboration between students through interactions with digital resources for group discussions and reports. “The solution also enhances teacher to student engagement Screen Sharing of dynamic lesson materials as well as the application of innovative technology such as the S Pen digital handwriting features, Daniel added.

Currently, Al Rayaan is the only school in Ghana which has subscribed to the Samsung School solution and they have used it since August of this year. This solution shows a lot of promise in terms of improving students’ enthusiasm and performance in class.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablets in this solution, comes preloaded with Standard Cambridge University IB ebooks preloaded. This allows teachers using the Samsung School solution to teach a whole semester course without the need of huge printed books and paper.

As demand for digital education tools grows, device manufacturers and solution providers are realizing emerging opportunities in the academic field. Governments are beginning to understand the importance of adapting to the changing needs of tech-savvy students.

As a result, many governments are implementing aggressive initiatives, such as digitalized public school textbooks. Their primary goal is to make fundamental improvements to education through interactive teaching tools in the classroom.

This solution is what Samsung Electronics West Africa seeks to offer to institutions ready to take the next step into technology enhancing productivity and ensuring an engaging and collaborative learning environment.

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