It’s over. What was Africa’s most talked about love-made-on-telly, has ended.

Elikem Kumordzi, Fashion Designer, and one of two Ghana representative at last year’s Big Brother Africa reality show, has ended his relationship with Zimbabwean big girl, Pokello.

The announcement was aptly couched in just a simple tweet on Saturday evening, when she fired a salvo of sorts to Gloria Lamptey, Kumordzi’s ex, and also the ex of ex Ghana international, Odartey Lamptey.

“Can some1 ask Gloria Lamptey where she was when Elikem proposed? +233 23 323 #### stop callin and txtn my fone.46yrs old r u not ashamed?,” she posted.

As if the tweet wasn’t enough, she took to instagram:

“Can someone please ask this 46year old woman why she continues to harass me over an Elikem who is 26years old? Grandmother- I’m done playing games with you- Lets blast this shit. Your 3 children are the same age as him!!!! #Nonsense”.

He replied: “A woman who knows her place in a woman’s heart does not shake. It has gone on for far too long. Everything with a beginning has an end.”

And there the movie, #madeonBBAendedonTwiter, ended.


By: Obed Boafo/

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