The CIMG Telecommunication Company of the year, Vodafone Ghana, in its quest to empower young people in Ghana, has launched Insomnia a Vodafone X loyalty package that gives Vodafone’s young subscribers the opportunity to watch movies from midnight till dawn once a month.

Unlike ‘Moviethon’ – another Vodafone product where all subscribers enjoy a ‘buy one movie ticket get one free’ package every Wednesday – Insomnia is exclusive and free to only Vodafone X members.

Insomnia was unveiled on 17th November this year to reward loyal customers following the successful launch of the Vodafone X proposition on 20th October 2014.

Agnes Emefa Essah, Marketing Director of Vodafone Ghana said:

“The movie industry provides a platform of learning and empowerment for the young generation – a group we are very committed to, as is evident with our Vodafone X package. Now we want to use Insomnia to give them an opportunity to easily identify with their values and lifestyle”.

In anticipation of the next Insomnia event, Vodafone X subscribers can follow the movement on twitter and Instagram @xLetsNotPretend and on Facebook at Vodafone X. Details of the next showcase will be made public on the aforementioned online platforms, providing Vodafone X subscribers the opportunity to reserve two seats for themselves and a fellow Vodafone X subscriber.

Insomnia is the first of its kind and subscribers are eagerly anticipating the next showcase – in December – where X subscribers will continue to enjoy the music intervals between movies and free popcorn and drinks.

Vodafone X is a proposition that offers free apps, calls, SMS and generous amounts of data to empower the Ghanaian youth with their required online and social platform to express themselves.


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