Luxury clothing and accessories brand, AfroModTrends, unveiled a new collection christened VERSATILIS at the just ended Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2014.

When AfroModTrends took the runway on Friday, November 7th, the brand unveiled its newest collection, VERSATILIS with white Venetian lace and Magestro wax prints as the key defining elements.

VERSATILIS is a 20 piece showcase of creativity and adaptability which aims to build a core collection of diverse pieces for fashion enthusiasts.

According to Ami Yomkepe, the founder and creative director of AfroModTrends, “the new VERSATILIS collection utilizes a two-pronged approach to showcase its versatility; garments which can suit different body types and the multi-use adaptable pieces which can be styled as per occasion”.

VERSATILIS collection has received rave reviews from patrons, fans and industry leaders.

The pictogram of the VERSATILIS is the adinkra symbol NyinNkim which symbolizes adaptability and versality; the underlying tenets for the collection.

“We believe that versatility in fashion cannot be over emphasized and we seek to introduce and build this concept with our collection with multifaceted innovative pieces”, Ami Yomkepe underlined.
VERSATILIS is on sale at AfroModTrends showroom at Osu, Accra and also available at

ICF_0777 ICF_0784 MG_5347 MG_5353 MG_5357 MG_5362 MG_5367 MG_5375 MG_5382 MG_5389 MG_5394 MG_5402 MG_5409 MG_5415 MG_5425 MG_5432 MG_5438 MG_5445 MG_5451 MG_5458 MG_5470 MG_5477 MG_5482

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