Telecommunications giant, Vodafone Ghana, has launched an Experience Centre to deliver unmatched experiences to customers both internally and externally.

Speaking on the reason for the shift from Call Centers to Experience Centres, Nii Boye … said “Call Centres have evolved in function from the traditional telephone interaction format to adopting alternative modes of communication, so we decided to serve our customers with modern and improved services.”

He also added that we have moved to an era where the customer expects to reach out to a channel that considers them as special people and also render personalised services just to let them know they are cherished. A channel that knows them by their names, that feels their pulse and meets their expectations.

Customers can access the Experience Centre services via short message service options to online live chat sessions, email and other virtual world platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Subscribers get to enjoy quicker response to calls, more friendly and processional call centre agents. Staff at the Experience Centre are able to resolve 95% of all issues that get to them. The Experience Centre also focuses on building relationships with the customers ad it also envisages customers’ needs and wants by checking their details and history before they express them.

The Experience Centre provides more benefits as staff at the Experience Centre go through intensive training and certification process.  The training covers all areas including soft skills, product knowledge, applications, processes, voice training, just to deliver the best of services to customers.

“We have also introduced non-traditional channels including an online channel where customers are able to submit their complaints and have their issues resolved in the shortest possible time including redesigning the retail shops across the country to make the entire experience a special one for customers in the various regions” said Harris Broumidis CEO of Vodafone Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana would directly manage the operations of the Experience Centre with the aim of delivering excellent service through this channel and also build trust amongst our subscriber base.


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