FUSE ODG last night took to his Twitter page to speak to issues on why he turned down an offer to be part of Band Aid‘s Ebola-themed charity song.

In separate tweets, he sought to explain why it was important he asked not to be part of the song, which is bringing together some of the best hands around the world for the project.

Band Aid 30’s Ebola charity single, will be a remake of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’, put together in 1984 by Geldof, and Midgre Ure to raise funds for the then famine-stricken Ethiopia.

In what was a largely successful exercise, Geldof is looking to a replicate the 1984 exercise and the successes that came with it, hence the call on musicians worldwide to join the project.

It turns out not every musician including is pleased with the direction – at least for now.

Below his tweets, which explain why he doesn’t want to be part of this.



By: Abena Akyaa Hirsch/enewsgh.com

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