TV Entertainment Host of the Year 2014, Anita Erskine has taken a step towards connecting with her audience both at home and around the world, by bringing her thoughts and words Online at

“ is exactly that! I speak with my audience about issues that I see coming up in everyday life. Prior to this, I carved my passion for words and writing skills and expressed that on Facebook, where my followers and friends often got the chance to weigh in on issues or topics I raised. The more I wrote, the more people asked for stories, opinions or just general conversation. They often asked that I focus on topics close to them! And after a while of feeding in to their requests, the light bulb came on!!” explains Erskine.

Since 2007, Anita’s work in television has taken her to various parts of the world, allowing her to explore people, food, cultures and traditions. With an enriched view of life and the world, Anita has now developed this blog to feed into her innate desire to be a Global citizen and make each person’s view count!

Although she took a break from the camera lenses between 2009 and 2012, Anita is back with a vengeance and she knows exactly how this blog fits in with her plans.

“This blog was designed by myself and my team of “uber” Creatives! We each have our fingers on the pulse of the growing trends in communications. We knew that sooner or later we would need to create this world to satisfy my personal dream of reaching people on a Global scale.

The blog has been designed to be very easy to read, digest and comment. I always say our generation more than any other, needs a place to share ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams. And I sure do hope contributes to that growing need. I am totally excited! Call it #2015Positioning!” comments Erskine. is launching with six elements : On My Mind – where Anita shares her thoughts on an issue that she may have encountered. Issues range from Women and Social Advancement, Entrepreneurship, Family Life, Career and Wellness. Celebrating – is dedicated to an issue worthy of social or community acknowledgement.

Soulfood is designed to celebrate Local Talent from Music, to Food, to Fashion, to Health & Wellness. Your Story – is where the public sends in issues that they would like people to weigh in on. From marriage to career to education to lifestyle, readers submit stories on everyday issues and concerns they may have! Brand Friends – As a professional MC, Anita’s work often comes with her ability to speak convincingly about the Brands she works for. On this platform she selects some brands she may have had a personal experience with and describes that experience. BTS – Behind the Scenes is a look at Anita’s life and career in pictures!

“My team and I will definitely be adding on as we go along. It’s an evolutionary project. It grows according to our lives!” says Erskine was designed by Anita Erskine and Lurick Concepts.


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