As it is often said, the very things we are obsessed with and usually referred to as passion or talent at other times when pursued with the desired attention, zeal and motivation certainly results in life changing moments.

This sums up the story of the young and enterprising Jacqueline Boakye, the proud owner and brain behind J’QLYN, a fashion brand which simply identifies elegance for different personalities and currently one of the fastest growing brands within the fashion space in the African Diaspora communities across the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.

Born in Accra on 27th October 1991 to George Boakye and Genevive Amevor, Jacqueline has an interesting perspective about the world of fashion as a result of her exposure and interactions with various cultures as well as a great deal of influence by her cosmopolitan environment.

After her elementary education in Ghana, the family had to relocate to Belgium where Mr. Boakye had taken up a new appointment. In 2006, the family again relocated to the United Kingdom where Jacqueline had her secondary then college education.

Before her enrolment and subsequent graduation from the London College of Fashion, at the University of the Arts London, Jacqueline’s family know she had a place in the Arts industry having started with amazing drawings and sketches from a tender age of eight (8).


Her major break was when she gained an internship to work alongside Suzie Turner; a leading British bespoke designer, where she learnt the rudiments of the trade and gained invaluable insight into how to operate a fashion brand. That was a dream come and followed by the launch of Jacqueline’s J’QLYN brand officially in the first quarter of 2013.

Prior to J’QLYN, Jacqueline’s exploits include showcasing her first ever collection at the age of 19 at the African Fashion Week London in 2011 under the brand name JB Afrique. This led to her designs being featured in Fashions Finest and Top Model of Colour (TMC) 2011 and was invited by the Miss Ghana Belgium organization to clothe the contestants in 2012 and 2013.

About her motivation, Jacqueline said “my inspiration and drive for this brand J’QLYN comes from my diverse cultural exposure to the world in a never seen classy nature. The design inspiration also comes from a book that has kept and brought me this far in line; The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. This perfectly characterized my 2012 blazer collection ‘Amorender’, achieved from the words ‘amour’ and ‘render’. At 17, I was sketching, designing and producing prom dresses for her mates at St. Francis Xavier whilst I studied BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design. At that point, the drive was to sketch ideas and transforming them into quality designs for friends who would later become clients as well as admirers”.

Jacqueline is not just enjoying the attention and fame but focused on taking J’QLYN to the next level. “I have been working very hard to make my brand a household name in the fashion industry globally. This year, J’QLYN was showcased as part of London Fashion Week 2014 in an off-schedule show organised by Fashions Finest in February and my designs were featured in Duvera Magazine, Amor Magazine and Akwaaba Magazine. I also showcase as the only designer in the annual Sheffield Afro Caribbean Society (ACS) event which took place in April then the Coventry Runway fashion show. It has been a busy schedule”, she stated.

Without a doubt, J’QLYN is a brand to look out for with an array of amazing designs showcased on several platforms. Follow @officialjqlyn on twitter and instagram!


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