Well, listen to the Mixtape-EP. Let’s start with the introduction. Predy X Omane knows what he’s about, because his description of the road to good bread and music, his admitting that it’s a slippery road and yet worth it is both physical and apt. Of course, pay attention to the instrumentation too; it’s for your own good.

The road to success starts with a passion, an affection. Slow Jam is not merely bed sheet music. In this song, he’s promising a woman, with quite a confidence too, of paradise, notice and a shoulder, even through tears: “when you cry, I cry”.

And in that same way, it’s also a notification to the listener on the general tone of the project: free and pedestrian.

Initial works of upcoming artists  have a strong, almost unpleasant odour of  how they have been underrated for years and how they ate in gutters, of how they’re better than the musicians making the most money today and how they alone embody determination and true music, but Predy- X Omane is different, more realistic.

Fire, Give Him All, Billionaire (Bruno Mars cover), We No Go Fall are songs which take you to the emotional ghettos of someone who, on a daily basis, has to endure loss, criticism, hate and other forms of negative energy just because they’re ambitious and dissimilar.
But on this road, there’s the politics of love despite ambition, or rather, ambition in spite love (Luv vrs. Music), tantric sex (Adult Music cover, O.M.G ft. Episode), and the philosophy of love in general (Yes/NO ft. Gasmilla, My Love, Dance with my Baby). There’s even commentary on why generosity is the key (Yellow Sisi), and Predy-X Omane is honest enough to admit, and then share this with us.

This is what art is: it is an account of the artist’s interactions with his environment and heart climate. The artist is not different from the rest of us. He’s only a bit more observant than the rest of us.

It doesn’t make him someone from space or god over us. All recipients and respondents of art can tell when an artist is being something they’re not just for commercial appeal, and it’s just a matter of time before they let you go, like rumor. The artist, in his art, must record as accurately as possible, emotion we all can identify with. This is why Predy-X Omane’s Mixtape-EP is truth enough.

There’s bold evidence of an African star on this EP: like he’s done with everyone he’s featured on the work ( a very impressive array including EME’s Shaydee, Gasmilla, Asa and Episode), he’s unashamed of his source as Ghanaian, singing in Ga, Twi and even West African Pidgin at the same time.

He’s also leaked evidence of his sentiments regarding Raggae and Dancehall, sprinkling bits of patois here and there. This fusion is how anybody listening will enjoy as if it’s a rich bowl of salad.

Nobody does it like Bruno Mars, because he’s out of this world, but Predy-X lures him all the way to earth, unto hi-life rhythm, so that we know what someone from Mars sounds like when they’re on indigenous African sound. On that particular track, Predy-X Omane leaves most of the vocal challenge to Mars, which is respectful of him, but he also stumps his presence and potential which is why the song is one to be remembered.
Nobody is as good as Asa, because she was sent to us by Lagos and the spirits which is why it is almost a death trap to attempt to cover her bibanke. Predy-X Omane has an enviable work ethic. I have witnessed it, but ethic alone cannot guarantee your equivalence with Asa. It is not possible. Predy-X Omane recognizes this, which is why he does not even attempt competition with Asa.

So this is what he does instead: he resorts to a music cliché:  ‘take the song and make it your own’. Influence is essential to all art, but originality is the key to longevity.

When I decided to do this review, I knew it was impossible to be objective. I am not ashamed to admit it, because I too have been inspired. I too am human and can identify with his ambition.

I could mention how he produced nearly half of the songs on this project and co- mixed and mastered. I can prove he’s got enough material for at least four albums and records. This Mixtape- EP has been a long time coming but it’s here now. I have enjoyed it, you should listen to it.


By: Myers Hansen

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