The Ghana Music Rights Organization GHAMRO has held its first Emergency General meeting to discuss the pending elections. The meeting took place at the Kumasi Cultural Centre on Tuesday, 21st October, 2014 and GNAT hall in Accra on Thursday 23rd October.

During the Accra meeting which went on cordially, the receiver managers who were appointed by the court to manage and oversee the appointment of a substantive board presented the timelines and modalities of the elections.

Some of the stakeholders raised concerns that the leaders should not be elected rather appointed from all the music groupings so that there will be fair representation.

Okyeame Kwame, a member of the receiver managers, added that, GHAMRO is a company limited by guarantee, therefore election is the most suitable way of constituting a substantive board.

Also, GHAMRO members are right owners so it is right for them to vote for their own leaders rather than receiver managers to appoint people and impose it on them.

Further, he added that there are right owners who do not belong to any of these groupings, so how will they be represented if the board is appointed from other groups.

“We believe that GHAMRO as a business and collective management organization needs a lot of reforms but for now our focus is getting the elections done by 6th of December so that when the substantive board is in they can solve other challenges”, he concluded.

The election will be entirely supervised by the Electoral Commission.

1.Meetings Emergency General meeting October 21st and 23rd
2. Publication List of members October 24th
3. Nominations Notice to pick nomination form October 24th
4. Application to be received October 30th
5. Electoral Plan 1 Publication of list November 7th
6 Election notice November 10th
7 electoral plan 2 Board election December 6th
8. Meeting of RM and new board December 15th
9.electoral board Inauguration December 22nd

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