There is much excitement in the camp of TEDxLabone organisers and volunteers as the event has been lifted to a higher status and rechristened TEDxAccra. The change of name came about whiles the curator, Emmanuel Leslie Addae recently attended TEDGlobal Conference in Rio, Brazil.

The former TEDxLabone Curator was from 3rd to 12th of October 2014 in Rio, to have a first-hand experience in the standard way of organising TED events to enable him replicate the same standards when he comes back home to Ghana.

According to him, in various meetings and sessions with numerous TEDx organisers and TED officials in Rio, it came to light that TED Communities across the world were bigger and could host more than a 100 guests, once they participated in a global conference. The need therefore arose for an elevation of TEDxLabone to TEDxAccra, as the Curator is so far the only TEDx Conference organiser in Ghana, who has had the opportunity to attend a TEDGlobal Conference.

In an official email addressed to Emmanuel Leslie Addae to effect the change of name, TED Licensing Director Will Davis stated, “Thank you for your e-mail, and your patience as we took time to respond. Yes, we have heard from many team members about your experience at TEDGlobal – fantastic to hear! (In fact, I even noticed you on the TED Global post-event photos!)

After discussing this with the team, we are happy to confirm your event has been renamed to TEDxAccra. There have been previous events under this name, but those licenses have expired – and you now have the experience in order to organize a larger event, as befits Accra. The license is also now valid for an event of more than 100 attendees.

Good luck as you begin to organize under the new name! You can see this name is now reflected on your official event page. Please remember to use this name across all social media and other web properties…Good luck as you continue to search for Ghanaian ideas worth spreading! All the best, Will

Sharing his experience in an interview with the Communication Team Leader Yvette Appiah, Emmanuel Leslie Addae noted that two key words being ‘Quality and Innovation defined TEDGlobal Talk (Conference in Rio, Brazil) and TED itself which are expected to transcend to TEDx events organised worldwide in local communities.

“Everything was very orderly from distribution of name tags, order of sitting at the Beach Theatre, getting easy and quick help from volunteers on anything that attendees needed, and having all needed items for the conference in one gift bag. With the gift bag containing everything, people did not have to queue and waste time for anything. The colour of one’s tag determined where one sat and ate as well. The conference was also very environmentally friendly and neat, as water bottles were provided for the over 1,000 attendees, who only needed to refill from the numerous dispensers provided. If anyone lost anything even without their knowledge, they only get a surprise call to show up at the secretariat for their lost item. Indeed, the event was so well organised, and I wish it could be replicated here too. We will do our best as far as our situation in Ghana can allow us,” he marvelled and chatted.

Emmanuel Leslie Addae further noted TEDGlobal had ‘Core Team Members’, who were fully in charge of the event, and a lot of volunteers supporting them which made them very efficient.

He added that TEDx has decided to also award Core Team members in subsequent TEDx events.

Aside having more than enough to eat, there also numerous side activities that always kept attendees busy and excited. They included exhibitions to tourist sites in Rio and exciting workshops by various sponsors of the event, “I was happy to attend a great workshop by Nissan- manufacturers of Nissan cars, who were one of the biggest sponsors of the event”, Leslie noted.

Already, TEDxAccra had opened nominations for Speakers for 2015, from the 1st to 31st October 2014. The 2015 event comes after a successful event held in April 2014.

Dubbed the “The Next Chapter”, TEDxAccra 2which will take place at the National Theatre on 11th April, 2015 is set to thrill audience.

With 2014 event focusing on Informing, Empowering and Educating, where speakers informed, empowered and educated audience on their ideas, the next chapter of Ghana’s success story must now be told.


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