“…I think I’m a sports person generally, I don’t have one sport because I swim, I do a lot of gymnastics…I exercise every morning, I try to – if for nothing – at least skip 100 times in the morning or a little more if i can, and then do some stretches and other things for at least 20 minutes.

“… is a very important thing because I’m very asthmatic and I have to be above the asthma; to be the asthma then you must be strong, you must be healthy; to be healthy, the lungs must take in air and to take in air you must exercise.

“…I was a sprinter when I was in school…100 metres, 200 metres, relays, no long distance, I can’t.”

Quotes courtesy starrfmonline, and from an interview she granted Kafui Dey on the sidelines of Azumah Nelson’s book launch this week.

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