Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease, over 9,000 cases with more than 4,000 lives has been lost in West Africa. The situation has created fear, panic and uncertainty, occasioned by misinformation among the citizenry.

In other to provide free flow of information and adequate enlightenment on the scourge to the people, JCI Ghana partners Ebola Watch/Ghana Health Nest group to launch EBOLA ALERT campaign in Aburi Town, Eastern Region of Ghana.

Though, Ghana has not recorded any case of Ebola virus but it’s very important to orientate ourselves on the possible causes of the disease and how best to protect ourselves from contracting the deadly virus.

The key messages of the campaign are; Avoid physical contact with people with symptoms, Watch your hands regularly with clean water and soap, Keep away from Bats, Monkeys, Dead animals, etc, Animal products should be thoroughly cooked, Inform health authority in case of contact and lastly, only travel to affected countries in case of urgent need.

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