Letter Of Apology.
I apologize for touching your anointed. I apologize for being offended by his statement. I apologize for making a joke out of it, in fact I apologize for not writing a more serious piece on how his statement really made me feel.

I apologize for not giving bible references to all the great women in the bible who God used to do wonders even though they were “unmarried” and had no children.

I apologize that I didn’t talk about my mother, who is unmarried, and yet I value from the bottom of my heart.

I apologize for not talking about how the same bible is strongly against divorce, and how one sin is no greater or less than another.

I apologize for not adding that we are all sinners before God, and are prone to mess up sometimes. Even men of God. Yet God still loves us as we are.

I apologize for not recognizing that I’m not allowed to have an opinion where a man of God is concerned.
I apologize for not accepting that it’s ok for a man of God to use sexual references to address people, but I don’t have the power to do the same.

But above all I apologize on behalf of my father Rev.Dr.M.K Forson, for raising me to have an opinion.
From my heart I apologize.

Did I miss anything?
Oh yes and I apologize for any future statements I may make.
I’m sorry.

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