Africa’s leader in finance for small-scale enterprise brings a wealth of knowledge to bear on the mindsets that were typically of the world celebrated finance models of the current global ecosystem.

From a start up of about 6,000 USD, we see and trace what we know of this Kukurantumi homegrown entity of a bank that was nothing to start with but grew overwhelmingly relevant.

As the age-old adage says, “He who climbs well gets a further push”. We see what we will normally attribute to greatness and or wealth in a man who made it all the way from scratch to the world’s stage.

As SEED and the Stanford Africa Business Club welcome him at Stanford’s prestigious Oberndorf Event Center, SEED and the West Africa business community watch out for what our learning will be as Mr. Amoabeng addresses issues on how we as Africans can take our businesses more serious. Speaking at a prior engagement at Stanford SEED Institute in Accra, alumni at the centre had been tremendously impacted.

Founder of UT Group and Chief Executive of UT Bank, Prince Kofi Amoabeng will visit Stanford University at the invitation of the Graduate School of Business Africa Business Club and Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED).

An inspiration to businesses and entrepreneurs on the continent of Africa, the three-time most respected CEO in Ghana will position himself as an enterprise owner building skill and capacity across.

With his feats in the financial sector including UT Bank and UT Group led by the Marketing Man of the Year in 2006 began on a self-convincing road to enabling small-scale businessmen to finance projects and grow their industries through the acquisition of loans the unconventional yet innovative methods of banking. This was prior to establishing a bank.

Thus, from humble beginnings of a thought that were followed through, amidst the surety of impossibility by cronies, his perseverance ensured that a decade beyond, UT has become a household name in the financial sector not only in Ghana but the rest of Africa creating massive employment in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Profiled in Moky Makura’s book, “Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs”, Amoabeng’s notion is that he is a little instrument in development while entrepreneurship is the only key to development in developing economies. Stanford identifies with these underlying principles of Amoabeng, thus the interest to boost his experience to the rest of the world.

Amoabeng’s achievements have known no bounds over the years. Some of his achievements also include, Lifetime Achievement for Innovation in Africa (2013); Johnnie Walker Giant (2012) – A global “Walk With Giants” campaign, Overall Best Entrepreneur in the Maiden Ghana Entrepreneurs Award (2011), National Honours for an Order of the Star of the Volta – Officer’s Division presented by the President of Ghana in 2008, summing to his worthiness of a Stanford calling.

“As part of the visit, he will address the SEED Advisory Board, Graduate School of Business Faculty, and Donors of SEED at dinner and to be followed the next day with the main event where he will speak at a lecture. In an hour, Amoabeng will speak on the topic “The UT Story Genesis & Evolution” while highlighting the personal and business growth dimension of the African businessman,” a senior official said.

A statement further stated, “an interesting addition to this event is a barbeque session to be held by the university with a section of African students who form the African Business Club at Stanford. They will tap into Amoabeng’s knowledge of the business terrain and have fun as well with the mogul.”

The visit is in tune with SEED’s goals for their annual transformation program that upscale businesses within developing economies with high level motivational coaching, measures of innovation to help the businesses grow and subsequently enhance their economies while transforming lives.

Kofi Amoabeng who was the speaker at SEED West Africa Class of 2013 Inauguration, will deliver his speech on Friday 17 September 2014 at 00:30 GMT in the Oberndorf Event Center at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California.


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