Ob Abenser, and his team at Excelsis, are bringing city and metropolitan life to you in the most, stylishly-done, visual narrative.

Their web series, CHALE! – so far, has managed to get the streets talking. Theirs, aren’t those self-idulgent, poorly edited and loud videos being splashed around all over video uploading platforms, with some 0.50 MB of free internet data.

They are more of the modern new, and represent a people and their culture.

CHALE takes you straight into the rickety public transport vehicles, and also on a trip of some amazing sites you never knew existed. And oh, there is even a whole episode dedicated to Fufu, the Carbohydrate-heavy staple eaten largely by the Akans.

CHALE is what it is – the kind of effort you watch and give off that hands-over-face, jaw-dropping Oh CHALE! reaction.

By: Obed Boafo/enewsgh.com/Ghana

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