Many have asked questions about the life of musicians when they are off the stage with some attesting that musicians in Ghana turn to fade away too quickly when their music is not topping review charts.

However, few musicians have defied the norm and have taken on some business ventures to keep them relevant while their music is not topping billboard charts.

One such musician who has set himself apart in this regard is multiple award winning artiste, Tic Tac, known in private life as Nana Kweku Duah who have established and operate two restaurants and a night club in two of Ghana’s most busy cities, Kumasi and Accra which employs several people from chefs to waiters.

Speaking to this reporter in his residence in Accra on Thursday afternoon, Tic Tac disclosed that he is currently embarking on different entrepreneur ventures in the food and beverage industry which includes an night club and two restaurants situated in Kumasi and Accra at the Kotoko International Airport.

He said, “I am currently busy, occupying myself with ventures that create employment opportunities for young people in the society. He added that “ I have had special dedication for food production since my appointment as ambassador for the World Food Program which tasked myself and other celebrities to use our positions to encourage people to fight hunger”.

On his music career, Tic Tac disclosed that his new single which has since been released online, “Don’t let go” proves his mettle in the “game” of singing since it is s bit different from his well known rap style.

The song produced by one of the nation’s finest sound engineer, Laxio beats has a fusion of traditional African rhythm amidst instruments laced with modern sound technology.

The emotions awakening lyrics preaches about the essence of valuing your partner in all situation, since loosing him/ her could be the end of the cross road for you in the area of relationship.

The Greater Accra Chair of the Musicians Unions opined that it was about time he expressed his feeling on the subject where partners undermine the value of each other until the relationship is no more.

He added that he also wanted to concentrate on his other side, which is singing and utilize the African rhythm to its full effect, just like he did with his one time hit, “Shordies”.

The hip life crusader urged the fans to rally solidly behind him for the good days ahead and the surprises from the TN record camp.

On his 7th album he was quick to add that his love ones should watch out within the next few months.

Tic Tac’s musical journey began in 1997, when he and another boy formed a group named Natty Strangers. Young as they were they became the toast of many shows. Tic Tac stood out from the rest of the group, his voice described by most as similar to Busta Rhymes.

He did not relent on his effort but went on to feature on Azigiza’s Woye Bia which became a big hit in Ghana. He then went to collaborate with Slim Buster’s Masan Aba and Dassebre’s Ahofe. These collaborations helped Tic Tac to establish a name for himself in the industry. ‘Philomena’ his debut album hit the streets in June 1999 and saw songs like ‘KKBK’ and Mmaa 4mula top the charts in Ghana for several weeks.

After a two-year hiatus Tic Tac released his fourth album Wope, an album dedicated to Africans within and in the Diaspora.

He became the first hip life artist to collaborate with anyone outside of Ghana with Freddie Meiway of Ivory Coast Wope and Nigerian star Tony Tetuila on the explosive Fefe Na Efe, which received several awards around the world.

Submitted by: Team TicTac

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