Viasat1 will premiere the long-awaited Turkish award-winning drama series EZEL on Monday 13th October 2014, and will air from Monday to Thursday at 8pm.

This will be the first time a Turkish drama series is aired on a Ghanaian-based television; and Viasat1 is proud to be the first.

Viasat1, already known for showing mostly Mexican and Brazilian telenovelas and drama series, will take fans on another level of excitement with the introduction of EZEL.

The series promises to captivate viewers with a mix of crime, passion, history, intrigue and controversy.

Viasat1 has been at the forefront of telenovelas and drama series since launching in 2008 and introducing the 3pm and 6:30pm time slots.

The channel has made waves with Storm Over Paradise, Hidden Passion, Eva Luna, Untamed Soul, The One Who Couldn’t Love, and Maid in Manhattan; with Forever Yours and Passion currently showing.

Although drama series and telenovelas are usually associated with women, the story of Ezel is one that will also get men glued to their set every evening. Omer falls in love with Eysan and proposes to her.

However, the day after he proposes to Eysan, he is accused of robbery and murder, while his friends Ali, Cengiz and his love Eysan get away with millions of dollars ungratefully. Betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loves, Omer ends up in jail where he meets Ramiz who will change his life forever.

After 8 years in prison, with the help of Ramiz, Omer escapes by using a riot in the prison.

He undergoes an extreme plastic surgery; gets his face fixed and also changes his voice and his body. He creates a new identity and acquaints himself as Ezel (eternity in Turkish), to exact his vengeance.

EZEL has won several awards including the 2010 Golden Butterfly Awards for Best Actor and Best Drama.

In this story, viewers will explore the revenge of a simple boy who becomes a rich man, exceptionally skilled at gambling, reading people and fighting after the betrayal of his trusted friends and the woman he loves.

Will anybody recognise that Ezel is actually Omer in disguise? Will revenge fill the emptiness in Ezel’s heart and will he forget about his past and live the rest of his life peacefully?

Don’t miss EZEL on Viasat1 at 8pm every Monday to Thursday, starting Monday 13th October, 2014.


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