At first glance, the Samsung Curved TV looks like a simple innovation, but its features are mind blowing. To the eyes, the curve simply fits. Behavioural researchers have known this for some time; people consistently show a preference for curves over hard lines and angles. Whether the object is a wristwatch, a sofa, or a well-designed building, curves curry favour.

Televisions with curved screens offer technical advantages beyond aesthetics. Curvature reduces reflection, making the viewing experience easier on the eyes, and simultaneously creates the illusion that the viewer is surrounded by the screen. The Samsung Curved TV is embedded with all these goodies to the eyes.

But aside from those advantages, studies suggest that merely viewing the curves of an object triggers relief in our brains. A new discipline known as neurasthenics—an ambitious vector between neuroscience and the fine arts—is exploring this idea, shedding light on why the love of curves is seducing technology manufacturers. Recent research under this new banner suggests that curved features in furniture, including TVs, trigger activity in our brains’ pleasure centre. We derive a buzz from curves much as we do when viewing a beautiful work of art.

Samsung’s revolutionary Curved UHD TV takes you into the new world of immersive viewing and makes you feel as though you are right in the middle of the action. The UHD screen is curved at the right angle to provide the optimal viewing distance for your living room. Also, the gently curved UHD screen gives you uniform and balanced viewing from all areas of the screen.

The Samsung Curved UHD TV displays the world’s colours in their natural state through PurColour. By expressing a wide range of colours and shades that are as close to real life as possible, PurColour brings out the purest colours in front of your eyes.

The Samsung will launch their latest Curved UHD TV later this month in Accra.


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