“I started way back with M3nsa of FOKN Bois fame in the same neighborhood – often times we found ourselves rapping to this and that after playing basketball. Music was what we ate and drank.

“Music has been a part of me while I grew up. It’s in my DNA. More like my fundamentals of my early life. But I got discovered by Bola Ray (now of Starr 103.5 fm), way back. He was the very first on air personality who heard my debut single ‘Tonight’. At the time, the song was not even mastered.

Ghetto KB
Ghetto KB

“It was the demo version he heard and the next thing it got on radio. He felt the song was so good he couldn’t wait for the final mix. It all started from there. Then later I met up with Samini who I grew up with too in the same neighborhood in Dansoman.

“He knew I was one of the homies but he was very surprised when he got to know I was also into music because he didn’t see me rapping or doing music until later. And from there I met JMJ Baby through Samini; we recorded ‘Trigger’ which became a national anthem everywhere.

“And I got signed on to Xtra Large Music, same label which manages Kaakie. But I’ve been playing the low key doing some more work behind the scenes so most of y’all didn’t really hear about me till ‘One Night Stand’ came through and the following singles.”

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