Accra Film School, a Ghana Education Service approved training institution for film making and television production, is rolling out a motivation campaign next month to introduce its courses and show how it helps its students and clients to maximize their passions.

Accra Film School offers courses in Acting for Film, Make-Up for Film, Directing for Film, Practical Directing, Editing for Film, Animation & Graphics, Screen Writing, Digital Photography, TV Presentation, Film & TV Producing, Cinematography

“This is the first passion oriented education campaign from AFS,” said Rex-Anthony Annan, Executive Director of at Accra Film School.

The campaign, with the tagline, “Love What You Do,” was created by AFS Communication’s department and launches this month with online ads, and new print ads are rolling out next week.

“We are seeing a pretty massive demand in tastes for excellence from the film industry hence AFS has taken on the audacious task to produce top professionals to improve film products around the country and Africa,” Mr. Annan said, noting that often aspiring film professionals have a different set of expectations from their training and have so far not gotten their money’s worth, with a heavy reliance on outdated techniques. He assures prospective trainees of AFS up to date technological and philosophical training at his school.

“We are focusing on media Institutions and how we can help them keep their employees more engaged and abreast with new age film successes. This is a much different approach than we may have taken had we started a few years ago,” he added.

The new campaign showcases people, not products. The video campaign showcases testimonials from employers of AFS graduates; and also has some celebrities, entrepreneurs, AFS Alumni and corporate workers excelling in their endeavors while expounding the mantra of Accra Film School.

The Accra Film School opened in 2012 and has since graduated 50 professional film makers and is expected to quadruple this number in 5 years.

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