Global textile brand, VLISCO, has finally launched the Connoisseur of Style campaign to educate customers on how to identify genuine VLISCO WAX HOLLANDAIS.

This initiative is to empower customers to buy genuine Vlisco fabrics.

“The effect of counterfeit fabrics on our business is really huge.” – Stephen Kofi Badu; Marketing Manager Vlisco Ghana said. “Until ten years ago when we didn’t have this challenge of counterfeits, we were printing pretty much more volumes than we are doing today and so we were expecting to have grown better ten years on but it’s not the case due to counterfeit fabrics.


“It’s a huge challenge for us and the reason why we launched this campaign is to empower our consumers with knowledge because we know almost everyone will like to buy the genuine fabrics but they don’t really have the information to identify the authentic from the counterfeits.”

Connoisseurs of style can identify authentic Vlisco Wax Hollandais by “looking out for the Sun with VVH crest in the middle. Also the designer number on the selvedge is identical to the number on the big, white label on the fabric. The top Selvedge (The edge of the fabric that is not designed) bears the words “Veritable Wax Hollandais Vlisco” while the bottom states “Guaranteed Dutch Wax Vlisco”. The text “PRINTED BY VLISCO IN HAOLLAND” is printed in capital letters on the big white label on the fabric. And also you can also walk into our store in the Accra Mall and many dealers across Ghana.”


This campaign is long overdue considering the drop in shelf space textile makers are dealing with.

“We were commanding 50% shelve space four years ago but today, it has reduced to about 20% and this should tell you we need to educate our customers to buy the right fabric.” He revealed.

The event held at the VLISCO shop in Accra Mall ended with customers winning cloths and hampers from VLISCO Ghana.

Steps to identify original Vlisco Wax Hollandais are;


By  Abdullai Isshak/

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