Shatta Movement Family act Vybrant Faya, has spoken of the inroads dancehall music is making in Ghana.

“The genre is different because it is reality, dancehall is life and culture. In dancehall you can’t talk about things you don’t either have or cannot do simply put anything you say in dancehall you have to be able to defend it.

Vybrant Faya
Vybrant Faya

“I mean everyone can see that we are in a dancehall era from the western world to the African continent everyone is jamming to the tunes of dancehall but it is up to us as Dancehall artistes in Africa to package our work and make sure it is standard and by standard I mean the Jamaican standard.”

On his true position amongst today’s dancehall acts, Vybrant Faya says: “I Stand tall among all of them because my songs have crossed boarders and reached the Jamaica market. I have promoters from Jamaica such as Jahvis CrushRoad 876, and DJ Treasure from Spanish town using the song as an official Dancehall song in Jamaica.


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