Could 11 Strikers Entertainment label-mates, Virgee and Stone Waddle be the next big thing in Ghanaian music? They certainly think so! According to both artists, they both have different styles that many Ghanaians would find endearing, “Our styles are unique and we mix different genres of music to create memorable sounds that would surely have Ghanaians dancing and vibing to our music either as solo artists or collectively.”

Virgee and Stone Waddle are solo acts on 11 Strikers Entertainment who have collaborated on their debut single under the label, ‘Gye Gye Me’. The feel-good sound which mixes pop and rap in a cool manner that could be compared to the cheeky sounds of the early days of Eminem, was released this week.

“‘Gye Gye Me’ is a fun and up tempo banger that talks about appreciating the love of your woman or man, what he or she does that makes you love him/her so much. It is a song that most of the youth should be able to relate to and vibe with – either in their cars, homes or in the clubs”, says Virgee and Stone Waddle.

Virgee, born Sherif Ibrahim has been doing music actively since 2010 with several mixtapes to his credit. His inspiration includes Jay Z, Kanye West, Sarkodie and Edem. He also has many new songs including “Kiss Baako” produced by Nshorna Music, which is receiving some airplay currently. He is also working on a track which would feature Joey B. Stone Waddle, real name Patrick Atindana also has several new materials that would be finished and released soon. The music video for ‘Gye Gye Me’ is expected to follow in a few weeks’ time.


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