Asaase Inscriptions will on September 22 present ‘Writer Erections Reloaded’; the third in the Mental Pictures series.

This night of literary readings and performances will feature Philip Boakye Dua Oyinka, known in literary circles as Nana

Asaase and other contemporary poets including, Chief Moomen, Poetic Dee-At, Ganyobi Nii Saki, Ganyobi Nii Darko, among others.

An older generation segment has been created for this year’s event and according to Nana Asaase of Asaase Inscriptions, the segment is “to celebrate them [older generation] while they are alive and not to wait till while they are dead.”

Writer Erection began three years ago with the aim of reviving public interest in traditional literary works.

The show was originally created to simply showcase the works of Nana Asaase however, this year; other contemporary artists have been incorporated into the show.

He recalled that “all these years, we’ve only performed my poems for the event and it’s high time we highlight other people’s works.”

Asaase remarked that poetry is gradually gaining grounds in Ghana “but there are a lot of other people who need that platform to do things like this. This platform brings together people with different poetic styles onto the same stage.”

He explained that Writer Erections is to encourage other young poets “that they can also do something. If we come together in groups, we can do so much more.”

“We give them the exposure to do this and this is also a way of ensuring that poets get value for what they do…this is the place we get to put all our year’s work together, have fun, treat our audiences to whatever we’ve got,” he added.

He is promising a night of “beautiful poetry with acoustic music and Ghanaian traditional art performances on display.”
Surprise personalities are also expected to grace the event.

The show will take place at the College of Physicians and Surgeons on September 22 at 5pm and the fee is only GHC 35 for single and GHC 60 for couples.


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