Hamamat Montia, winner of the 2006 Miss Malaika Beauty Pageant has revealed on the STARR DRIVE that she is expecting a baby BOY!

The beauty queen had her first child, a girl in June last year and is expecting another.

She told host Bola Ray that she is almost due but refused to share her due date with the public.

The beauty queen also shared a few thoughts about marriage with young Ghanaian women.


She said marriage is a beautiful thing and should be embraced despite its challenges.

“Marriage is about understanding…I would encourage every woman to marry but that shouldn’t be the heights they should want to attain.”

According to her, African women are brought up to see marriage as the “in-thing” but that shouldn’t be their greatest ambition.

“I want them to know that on their own, they can do it. You don’t need a man. I don’t think a man is a NEED. They are good company but I get irritated when women go asking men for everything”.

“It’s so embarrassing to me when women do that!” she added.

Credit: Starrfmonline.com


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