Music Producer DJ Juls talks to about his upcoming debut EP and his thoughts on hip hop in Ghana.

Q. The first single ‘Raise My Flag ‘off your debut EP featured Kojo Cue , Blackway and EL , any reason for choosing the three artistes?

A. When I made the beat I already knew what I wanted the song to speak about because of the traditional highlife sound with the boom bap influence as well. I chose them because I felt they would be able to express the concept of the song properly and in a way that would be mind-blowing in terms of lyrical ability. Each of this rapper heard the beat and was ready to go.

Q. What message did you intend sending out with the song ‘Raise My Flag’?

A. Despite the hard times in Ghana at the moment people should try to keep their head up high.


Q. Which other artistes should we look forward to featuring on your EP?

A. Quite a number but I wish I could tell you more about it. So Kojo Cue, Blackway, E.L, Vinnie Dewayne…. That’s really as much as I can say. Trying to be discreet about the project

Q. Will it be strictly hip hop?

A. A lot of hip hop influence.

Q. You’ve produced quite a number of songs for Ghanaian artistes, what are your thoughts on hip hop in Ghana?

A. I think people are paying a lot more attention to it now. It wasn’t really regarded as a serious genre in Ghana but its building now.

Q. Who is your favorite Ghanaian artiste? Why?

A. M3nsa. He’s a great rapper, A great producer, and a big inspiration.

Q. Do you put together your mixes off inspiration or it’s a spur of the moment thing?

A. A bit of both. It always has to do with my mood mainly. Should Arsenal lose a game I tend to get things done quite quickly out of frustration.

By  Gameli Hamelo/

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