Chillax has been invited to pitch at the Mobile Web Africa Conference App Developer Competition in Johannesburg this Thursday. The App Developer competition is sponsored by Intel, Mobile Monday & App Circus. The competition brings together the very best of early stage startups across the continent with the winner getting a fully paid trip to Barcelona next year to participate in the Mobile World Congress as well as other prizes from the sponsors.

Chillax’s participation in the competition is sponsored by The Whitaker Group Inc TWG – an international trade consultancy firm with a focus on helping African businesses achieve their full potential.

Chillax is a city themed app for major cities in Africa, in light of this we are pleased to announce that we will be officially launching Chillax Johannesburg in South Africa on Thursday. We will also be looking to establish strong partnerships to build the Chillax brand in Johannesburg.

Chillax was birthed at last year’s Startup Weekend Accra event held at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. It came tops amidst 13 ideas presented in November 2013. The current Chillax team comprises:

Jesse Johnson – Product Devt/Design Lead
Gerald Pharin – Tech Lead
Laud Bentil – Data/Backend Devt.
Ama Asantewaa aka Poetra Asantewaa – PR. Communication, Social Media 8 Branding
Kingsley Abrokwah – Team Lead/ Business Lead

About The Whitaker Group

The Whitaker Group (TWG) is the premier consultancy focused on trade, business and investment in Africa. Led by Rosa Whitaker, the first ever Assistant US Trade Representative to Africa, TWG has facilitated over $3 billion in capital flows to Africa since its founding in 2003.


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