Smarttys Management and Production, Management of International multi award winning gospel singer Sonnie Badu brings to the notice of the public, fans, radio presenters and marketers that certain individuals are using Sonnie’s songs on different platforms to raise monies without their permission.

First of all, Sonnie Badu has three albums; Lost in his glory, Colours of Africa and Aroma or Worship. The management brings to the notice of the public that Sonnie Badu does not have any album titled “ATMOSPHERE OF WORSHIP.”

“Atmosphere of Worship,” is not from Sonnie Badu. It is being marketed by some unscrupulous persons who have put several of his songs together and are selling them to the unsuspecting public”. They are warned to desist from the act as legal actions would be taken against them,” the management reiterated.

In addition, Smarttys Management and Production also brings to the notice of the public that Sonnie has no links/ ties with ABSOLUTE ADVRTISING, marketers of the “Atmosphere of Worship” Cd.


In addition, the management advises the various Telecommunications companies who are using Sonnie Badu Songs as caller tunes to their various customers to ask proper permission from the management before using it as it has copyright implications.

According to Sonnie, none of these TELECOS have paid any royalties to him for the songs being used. “I am not on any short code messaging platform for any TELECOS, so I plead with them to desist from making money out of my fans, which I cherish so much,” he warned

He emphasized that he loves to see many people have access to his songs, but then the permission should be sort from his management first before being used, as he has copyright over the songs.

This move by the management to warn unsuspecting fans comes as a result of a compilation VCD that is on sale on the market. The VCD has songs from the likes of Cwesi Oteng, OJ, Willie and Mike, Quadjo Oteng, Emma Konadu and Sonnie Badu. The compilation is being marketed and by Cebex Music Production in Accra and Kumasi.

The management wishes to state that it has no contract with Cebex music and that the compilation is a criminal act. Cebex music, owned by Charles Sarpong is therefore warned and prevented from using Sonnie Badu’s songs without his permission or risk having a law suit on their heads.

Submitted by: Smarttys Management and Production

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