Accra Mayor Alfred Vanderpuije, caused the arrest of a TV crew member from the Multimedia Group Saturday night as the team filmed visuals of squatters ,rendered homeless by a recent demolition exercise undertaken by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly at a slum behind the Arts Centre.

Two members of the crew Joojoh Cobbinah and Festus Solomon, fled the scene before the Police could arrest them, but their driver, Felix Akunor, was nabbed.

Joojoh told Joy News he had no idea why the Mayor would cause Police men to arrest them while they did their job.

The Mayor, however, explained that he reported the crew to the Police after he got reports from some of the displaced slum dwellers that the crew was stage-managing its report to portray the government in bad light.

“I had received a call that reporters from Adom TV had come over here and told the people they are here to help so they got them to lie down on the ground in batches and they were filming them to make a case that government had made them homeless”, Vanderpuije claimed.

The Assembly, on Friday, demolished shanty structures at Mensah Guinea to free the area of squatters.

The AMA claims insanitary conditions there is fuelling the festering cholera outbreak in the capital city.

So far more than 11,000 people have been infected by the diarrhoeal disease in Accra alone. Close to 70 People have died from it.


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