Keeping Up with the Kardashians Weekend Marathon: Join America’s most famous celebrity family for a weekend filled with lots of fun, loads of laughs and outrageous household dynamics. From Khloé’s heartbreaking relationship decisions to the excitement surrounding Kim’s pregnancy and engagement, the Kardashians deal with a tremendous amount of change as they embrace new beginnings and attempt to move on from the most tumultuous and challenging period they’ve ever faced. Watch the build up to the new, much-anticipated Season 9 on Saturday and Sunday September 6 and 7.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Season Premiere): As the ninth season resumes, the Kardashians put family first as they come together to ask questions about Kourtney’s lack of emotions. Khloé finally accepts an offer on her house but can’t bring herself to start packing, and Kris goes out of her way to make sure that Bruce isn’t lonely after his separation from her. Later, Khloé worries about being a bad influence when she realises her behaviour is rubbing off on her little sister. It premieres on Sunday 7 September at 21:00 CAT.

Orphan Black on  LIFETIME ENTERTAINMENT on Thursday 4 September at 20:00 CAT

Orphan Black (Premiere): Sarah is a streetwise outsider, currently on the run from a bad relationship and painfully separated from her own daughter. When an eerily similar-looking stranger commits suicide right in front of her, Sarah sees a potential solution to all her problems by assuming the dead woman’s identity and clearing out her bank account. But instead, she stumbles headlong into a kaleidoscopic conspiracy thriller that leaves her racing for answers to find out who she and the other woman really are.  

Oprah’s Masterclass: Oprah Winfrey (Part 1&2) on TLC Entertainment Thursday 04 September at 20:55 CAT.

In Part 1 of an intimate conversation, Oprah opens up about her tumultuous childhood and adolescence and the lessons she still carries with her today. She tells little-known stories about her early days in television, including how losing her hair helped her gain a new sense of self.  What guides her and drives her to do her best? In Part 2, she reflects on her experience getting cast in The Color Purple and the cultural phenomenon of The Oprah Winfrey Show. She opens up about her private life, and what she feels her true calling was meant to be. Revealing and deeply personal, Oprah offers new insights on how we all can become masters of our lives.

New episodes of Uncle Grandpa and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island on Cartoon Network

Uncle Grandpa: Uncle Grandpa is everyone in the world’s magical Uncle and Grandpa, and when he shows up you’re always in for a fun time! This new series is a fast-paced, visual gag-filled cartoon with an exciting format.  The show revolves Uncle Grandpa and his merry gang:  a talking Belly Bag, a giant female realistic flying tiger, Pizza Steve & Mr. Gus .  As a  team, they bring magical fun everywhere they go.  Catch the Premiere of new daily episodes on Monday 1st September at 16:45 CAT.

Pahkitew Island: It’s an all-new season in an all-new location: Pahkitew Island! Total Drama returns with an entire new cast of campers at Pahkitew Island on. Fourteen new teen campers will be divided in to two groups of teams, “Team Kinosewak” and “Team Maskawak,” and face the most gruelling challenges yet. Tune in for the premiere on Thursday 4th September at 18:25 CAT.

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