In order to attract event organizers to make use of the Trade Fair, the Chief Executive Officer of the Accra International Trade Fair Centre, Dr Ebby Koney has agreed to make the venue free for every event.

According to him, the venue is not being utilized lately due to sponsorship hence the reason for making it free.

Speaking on how he intends to do that, Dr Koney said his team has approached corporate bodies who have agreed to help the fair with sponsorship.

According to him, because Trade Fair lacks seats for people during events amidst other challenges, most event organizers prefer the Conference Center or the National Theatre for shows.

“I must admit that the fair lacks a few things but as we speak, plans are far advanced in fixing it. We are faced with mosquitos at night in addition to chairs and A.C to make the venue attractive for event organizers and the general public” he said.

Dr Koney was quick to add that the fair is very spacious and neat for all occasions. “Although we lack few things, all is not lost because the venue is attractive and spacious enough to accommodate any show”.

Explaining further the reason for the low patronage of the venue, Dr Ebby said his market team did not do proper marketing of the venue when he was taken ill for a year.

“The marketing team did not do a good job when I was ill. Before getting sick, the Trade Fair was one of the most preferred venues for shows and I expected the marketing team to go all out to look for sponsorship but that did not happen” he said.

According to Dr Koney, he is daring everyone to come and witness the up- coming grand sales and made-in-Ghana goods to see how the place had developed.


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