Young act, Tee Phlow, is up for it.

His third mainstream single, Hosanna, featuring two of the best hook-ers around; Kwabena Kwabena and Nature, doesn’t stray away from what his slightly staid competitors could offer.

Hosanna is beautiful on many levels partly because of the up-tempo-yet-soulful-friendly instrumentation it got from producer, Hammer of the Last Two.

All Tee Phlow needed to do was to jump on it, and rape it hard.

And he did exactly that, tearing it off not just once but many times across the song’s duration.

Again, he manages to stick to his distinctive Fante rap style, which has become so popular on the streets, in a unique let-off chain that gets excitingly yummy chord by chord.

On Hosanna, Tee Phlow talks about the many struggles he’s had to go through to get to the top, chronicling what has so far been a young, upstart that has paid off.

He acknowledges the support he’s received from Hammer, who handed him a lifeline after he took part in the Next Big Thing competition; and also TH4 Kwages, the legendary Fante Hiplife group.

Hosanna is a young man’s praise for the things he has now; he didn’t have to wait to make it onto mainstream music.

Tee Phlow acknowledges halfway through the song how he is not yet a mainstream act but thankful to all those who have helped him reach thus far.

Somewhat a feel-good music, it slowly grows on you from the very first chorus delivered by Nature up until Kwabena Kwabena comes in with his blissful addition.

Good music.

Tee Phlow is signed onto the Last Two Music Group.

This is his third professional single after the recently-released Ash3daa, and The Warning.

By: Naa DeiDei Plange/


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