In an ever changing world of increasing needs and economic recession, it no longer seems enough to have ‘a job’.

In fact, the very saying of ‘get a job’ seems to be fading out as it gradually gives way to that of ‘get a life’, which must definitely include a line of businesses if not two or three jobs for an individual.

One set of people in society who seems to understand these newly required principles for ruling the world are Celebrities, most of whom have chosen other lines of business aside what they are celebrated for.

It is thus no longer news if a celebrity opens a new line of business as they all seem to be rapidly registering their names in the annals of entrepreneurs. However, they must be commended for their efforts considering the pressures of juggling economic responsibilities together with entertaining the world so to speak.

In Ghana a few “determined and focused” celebrities seem to have resolved despite all the media attention to leave a legacy behind with the understanding that having one profession is never enough, more especially if you want to impact the lives of others.

Sonnie Badu

The International Multiple Award Winning Gospel Singer Sonnie Agyemang Badu is first on the list. The second born of four children was born on to Mr. and Mrs. Badu, who he describes as strict Christian parents.

According to Sonnie, the discipline of both parents is what has established his long passion of service to the Lord. At age 18 at Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS), Sonnie was struck by a serious illness that almost claimed his life. It was then he resolved to win souls for the Lord if He would heal him.

The “Worshipper” got well and his love for God and winning souls for the kingdom heightened since that encounter.

After GSTS, Sonnie moved to London to pursue his promise to God; which is to serve God all the days of his life. This love was to be exhibited through music, so he schooled in music at Lewisham College.

Little did he know that Lewisham College would pave a way for his music career some years on. After releasing his first album “Lost in his glory” in December 2007, Minister Sonnie Badu has since chalked up many successes for himself aside performing with other international acts like Juanita Bynum, Lionel Peterson, Alvin Slaughter, Donnie McClurkin, Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Sammy Okposu, Mike Aremu,Ron Kenoly, Bebe and Cece Winans.

Professionally, the “General” as he has come to be known is the CEO of a range of businesses both in Ghana and the United Kingdom. Of all the tall list of businesses, Sonnie set up his K and O Estate Agency that is responsible for selling houses. He is also responsible for the Sonnie Badu Ministries (SBM), a Christian ministry with focus on winning souls for the Kingdom.

The “General” is the brain behind the SB.UK(inspired by you) clothing line that consists of shoes, royal empire, gold and silver crest cufflinks, pen, logo-polos, Jesus boy/girl shirts, logo-jumpers, logo-vests, and the royal empire crest shirts.

As though these two are easy to maintain , Sonnie came up with the Sonnie Badu homes, which is a real estate home building homes for Ghanaians. According to Sonnie studying building construction in GSTS increased the passion of creating homes for people.

Sonnie is also a private Jet consultant for the many airline operators who seek his services in the United Kingdom.

Having loved football right from childhood and nursing the ambition to pursue it further was a dream Sonnie cherished while growing up, so even when he could not turn out as a footballer, he established the Eagle Eye football Agency that has so far worked with few footballers. Not only does he oversee these companies, he also makes time to write and so far has nine amazing books that are listed among the New York Times Bestselling books. Now what an achievement!

Sonnie discloses in an interview that he believes that “as a minister God gives you the brain and empowers you to create wealth”   When asked by this reporter if he had to take up some university course papers to manage all these businesses; his response “I did not go to the University for special tuition; all I have is by grace and favour from God”. To help broaden his ministry Sonnie founded the worship radio, an online radio station and the I magazine, which are both tools for promoting his ministry, philanthropic activities and perhaps a reason for the name the “Worshipper”.

As though he never gets tired of creating businesses and employment opportunities, Sonnie recently opened the Dizney Day Care Centre in London to cater for toddlers and children from five years and below. According to Sonnie his love for children made him   invest in a Day Care Centre.

“I have great passion for children; they are our future leaders, so I believe giving them a great foundation is a good fundamental for their future and also nursery in London is big business”, he further explained. Now if this is not wealth creation, favour from God and cashing in on the right opportunity, how would you further describe this?

For the “Worshipper”, being a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom and excelling is just the favour of God. Moreso “being a gospel musician does not mean you have to be poor, but you actually stand the place and chance of receiving ideas to help change your generation”.

Well so there you have it, but if you have thought of how he juggles all these businesses and his core profession-,music , Sonnie says “I make time, It’s therapeutic for me and also because I am a multi- tasking person and I love what I do. That’s some lesson to take home for all.


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