Blank Creation Ent, an African indie music house, is officially releasing fast-rising Nigerian Afro-Fusion sensation VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes’ self-titled debut EP Let’s Play.

VILLY, after eight years of making pop music, has spent his last six years working and fine-tuning his move from Pop into his present live music sound, AFRO-FUSION. He is the first to completely reintroduce the idea behind AFRO-FUSION, fusing sounds from all over Africa with other sounds from across the globe.

VILLY and his music group, The Xtreme Volumes, have graced the stage of various musical concerts and festivals in West Africa where they have been on a two-year tour. They will start touring in Ivory Coast in September for one month once they complete their present Ghana tour in August, ahead of preparations for their 2015 European tour.

“This EP represents my first romance with live music as a performer,” says VILLY. “And it introduces people to the form we have chosen to express ourselves in.”

The debut EP is a broad spectrum of AFRO-FUSION giving you a new feel of Afrobeat, Afro-soul, Pop, Highlife, RnB, Afro-Rock and more. As you listen it becomes clear why the EP has been praised locally and internationally by producers, A&R and other industry heads as a breath of fresh air, filled with catchy vocal melodies, a strong message and incredible storytelling by VILLY.

VILLY is focused on changing music with his group The Xtreme Volumes, like Fela did with the Egypt80 and Bob Marley did with the Wailers. They have been called the best live experience by everyone who has witnessed their performance as they toured West Africa. They have been featured on BBC World Global Beats as the new conscious voice of this generation representing Africa, the episode airs from October, look out for it.

This is VILLY’s the first material to be released after working for six years to fine-tune the music and touring for two years to consciously increase the awareness of Africans about the state of Africa. Five performance videos from their UNCOLONISED concert in Ghana May 27th, have also been released to accompany the EP to give you a feel of the VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes experience.

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