The manicured lawns at the entrance of Rafiki Village hugged us at the feet, the serenity engulfed the sounds of the drumbeat of our hearts, the amiable surroundings echoed the intricate green smile of nature’s kiss and last but not the least, when the about 37 children sped in our direction, it felt like raindrops finding traces in desert-patched throats! What an experience!

Rafiki Village sits on a 20 acre space donated by the chief and people of Gyihazde; less than 5 kilometres from Winneba to develop underprivileged kids in the society, especially orphans.

All partnering groups (4Change, Purete Nature, Rotaract Osu, Utopia Wishlist, Inkfluent and a few supportive individuals) felt totally fulfilled intensely for making such a socially conscious out-reach program happen.

Reading and writing tools, household items, eatables and clothes amongst others were donated to the kids but the interactive moments where we helped the children nurture their skills in creative designs, beading, painting, poetry, etc deepened the quintessential capacity even more.

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Magnus Rex Danquah; the director of the program and founder of 4Change had this to say; “In life I believe as we grow, change has to be manifested in our day to day activities. 4change was born out of the stagnant way of the corporate world and the need to bridge the gap with the youth like ourselves. Also to promote CSR in everyone and not always wait for huge corporations. I wanted to change personally and help others as well, hence 4change”

Primarily, we were there to serve..

We found inspiration in helping the kids paint what was on their minds..

By using art as a positive influence for change, we firstly tell them to learn the ropes..

So that they can in turn impart on the next person..

It was all about love, creativity, sharing, caring, awakening with (art)iculate passion.. humanity, humility, hugs a hundred…

Unfortunately, the dining hall and main kitchen for the village got extirpated by fire late last year, but they have been able to renovate it. But do they have a fire escape plan and health safety risk prospects? The school has enrolled about 50 other kids in the community in addition to the about 37 at the village but it has study spaces only up to primary 5. Where do they go from there?

Reach 4Change on facebook here: or twitter: @4change or E-mail Inkfluent on Let’s collaborate. Let’s dialogue about developmental issues. Let’s impart. Let’s love 🙂 !!

Submitted by: Kwame Write Aidoo

Pictures by Efokoku

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