Ever since their June 2014 divorce, Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-husband has had nothing to say to the media about his ex-wife and their decision to split until now.

“There are always fairytales with relationships, and when it ends, reality kicks in,” said young business mogul Kwadwo Safo Junior in an exclusive interview withStarrFMonline.com.

News of the divorce made a lot of waves in both the Ghanaian and Nigerian media and even though the actress has had a word or two to say, Kwadwo has been very quiet on the matter.

“With the divorce issue, I feel normal. I’m still cool with my ex-wife. Truth is we need to talk. Come-on we have a baby together so we have to be in touch with each other. We are very good friends and there wasn’t any heartbreak,” he said toStarrFMonline.com.

The two always came across as the most beautiful and united couple but Juliet is quoted to have said they agreed on a separation because of “irreconcilable differences.”

Kwadwo described it as “reality check from the fairytale…our separation was mutual.”

“I have moved on,” he noted. “I am not really interested in the personal stuff now. I am concentrating on making money, a name and the power that it comes with so I immerse myself in my work.

“The least chance I get I sleep instead of feeling sorry: I sleep or speak to my father about our businesses.”

He said he wants to become like his father and nothing can delay his dreams.

“…I see the things that he has done and I feel if he didn’t get the foundation, exposure and opportunities he has given me, yet he has been able to reach where he is now, I am supposed to go higher than he is.”

Celebrity gossip seems to suggest Juliet Ibrahim has also moved on as she is now dating her up-and-coming Nigerian model/actor/ex-boyfriend, Bryan Okwara.

Credit: Starrfmonline.com

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